Spikes in Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia, During Lymphatic Detoxification

depression picClients have felt spikes in depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia during lymphatic system detoxification. In 2003 I first learned of acid-alkaline balance, especially how an acidic pH can constrict the lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment plant. I began working on manually activating the lymphatic system to remove acidic waste and excess proteins from the body to improve health.

For over a year I activated the lymphatic system of hundreds of clients who had many major health problems. They ranged from chronic pain, cancer, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, swelling, anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Tourette’s syndrome, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), nerve pain, arthritis, prostate swelling and everything in between.

The clients received LymphPractic, for one-hour on three consecutive days. During these sessions I used the same lymphatic activation routine to increase lymph flow and circulation in the tissues, skin, bones, muscles, organs, central nervous system and brain.

Felt Worse, Then Felt Better

Many clients, after the second day of sessions, experienced an increase in intensity in their specific health problems. Often clients told me they felt a heavy depression and fatigue. Some of these individuals never suffered with depression or fatigue. Some clients felt more anxious or worried, some became more cranky and angry. One petite woman said she smacked her husband across the face during her second night of the detox, something she would never do.

A very large group said they had difficulty sleeping during the second night. A few even had to have someone drive them for their third session because they couldn’t think clearly enough to drive. Some clients also complained about having a bout of diarrhea or constipation during the detox.

These spikes in depression, anxiety, aggression, problems thinking, bowel problems and insomnia occurred because of excess acidic waste being released during the series of manual lymphatic detoxifications. The liberated waste first congests and overwhelms the body and brain. As the excess waste slowly works through the body, they feel better. Most of the time by the third day they felt better and more open. If you have any one of these health problems you need to slowly remove excess acidic waste from your body and brain.

Now when a client is coming in for a lymphatic system detoxification we avoid the severe detox reactions we had in 2003 by explaining how clients need to prepare for their lymphatic sessions. A week before starting lymphatic sessions eat less processed foods, a more alkaline diet, hydrate the body and increase magnesium levels in body. These steps help to make your body pH more in balance improving your lymphatic system detoxification.

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Clarity in Early Stages of Autism

I remember watching a documentary on children, many years ago, when one of the children showed signs of clarity in the early stages of autism. This was before I understood the lymphatic system-brain connection in autism. A film crew followed a few families who had multiple children with varying degrees of autism. While watching the documentary, I was struck by one thing that has stayed with me, and it was even talked about in the documentary.

One of the younger children, who was going to different appointments for testing to diagnosis him, was at different times, over months, not showing signs of autism. I have talked to other parents since, who also told me that their child at times was more clear or lucid. What’s happening to allow times of clarity and then regression in cognitive function? It is toxicity from the buildup of acidic cellular waste limiting cognitive function from lymphatic congestion.

Lymphatic System Maintains Brain

New research published in June 2015 by the University of Virginia, School of Medicine links the lymphatic system and brain. That means there is a direct relationship between the brain and lymphatic system that helps to clean it. If the lymphatic system becomes toxic and congested cellular waste can build in the brain. This new research will have implications beyond autism, helping many problems associated with the brain from depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, MS and Alzheimer’s to name only a few. This is a big connection that you want to understand if you are trying to help your child with autism or developmental delays.

In many diseases associated with cognitive function like Batten Disease or Alzheimer’s it is known that excess proteins (parts of cells) are a major contributing factor in losing the ability to think. So when children or for that matter any person has an episode of exhibiting more signs of autism, or foggy thinking, depression, anxiety, insomnia… they are more toxic from their lymphatic system being congested and not able to reabsorb cellular waste optimally.

Less Toxicity Clearer Thinking

The days they are more clear in the ability to think are days of less toxicity and better circulation. So if you or a child are on the spectrum or have problems with how you feel and think the goal is to improve lymph flow and natural detoxification to reduce toxicity. Seeing a lymphatic therapist to manually activate the lymphatic system directly improves the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and the natural detoxification of proteins from the brain.

When working with a lymphatic therapist it is important to change the cellular environment with alkaline nutrients, hydration and systemic enzymes to help breakdown and flush cellular waste from the body and brain. When the pH of the body and brain are more in balance the tissues relax and the lymphatic system can reabsorb cellular waste.

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Cellular Waste New Contributing Factor in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Cellular waste is the new contributing factor in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The one factor that is often overlooked in ASD is inflammation and toxicity from repeated monthly vaccinations. No, not thimerosal or mercury, but the inflammation from cellular waste; parts of cells, fibrin and other debris building in the tissues of the body and brain.

Repeated vaccines can initiate inflammation which can greatly affect the brain and how we think. Most of the time a child has a vaccination they have an inflammatory response which can create extra cellular waste in the body or brain. This inflammatory response shows up as a sore arm, irritability, feeling sick or fever the next day, as cellular waste makes the body and brain more toxic.

By the time a child reaches school age on average they have received 46 doses of 14 vaccines. When we initiate an inflammatory response over and over again for years we create excess cellular waste that can congest the lymphatic system. Since the lymphatic system maintains every system of the body it is easy to see how if it becomes compromised it can congest and negatively affect the brain, digestive tissues and skin.

New Research Found Lymphatic Vessels in the Brain

As cellular waste builds it can block off tiny lymphatic vessels which can be smaller than a strand of hair or microscopic, limiting circulation. New research from June 2015, just found lymphatic vessels in the brain. So we know there is a direct connection between the lymphatic system and brain. When the lymphatic system is congested, the re-absorption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is compromised and acidic cellular waste builds in the brain limiting circulation and cognitive function.

There are many ways to detox acidic cellular waste from the body and brain. Manually activating the lymphatic system can be very effective at improving circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste. The best results are seen when emphasis in therapy is placed on whole body and brain lymphatic activation rather than concentrating on detoxing only the brain.

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Get Healthy By Maintaining Your Lymphatic System, The Next Frontier In Health And Disease

Lymphatic System DrawingAre you looking to get healthy? Then start learning to maintain your lymphatic system, the next frontier in health and disease. Every day I meet people who don’t know they have a lymphatic system that helps to clean their body and brain. Let me tell you for sure, that everyone has a lymphatic system that helps detox cellular waste from their body and brain. That means the lymphatic system maintains your skin, muscles, bones, nerves, organs and brain…

Unfortunately most people don’t know enough about the lymphatic system and ignore this system that cleans us which is limiting their health. When you are too acidic or too alkaline your lymphatic system, your body’s sewage treatment plant, doesn’t function optimally and you slowly fill with your own cellular waste becoming toxic and sick. This is a simple concept to understand; when we are even slightly acidic (worldwide sales of products to help acid hit over $50 Billion, so we know there is a problem with acid) the lymphatic vessels constrict and can’t reabsorb cellular waste and fluid, so they build in the tissues, muscles or organs creating a toxic environment for your cells.

When this buildup of cellular waste occurs, any part of your body can fill with acid waste and excess proteins from approximately 500 million cells that die every day. Add to this buildup fibrin, cholesterol, triglycerides, hormones, lactic acid, uric acid, other debris and toxins in the body and you create toxicity and inflammation which initiates the disease process.

Most Health Problems Are “ONE-IMBALANCE” Constricting The Lymphatic System

So, you may have a health problem like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, skin problems, weight gain or loss, swelling, chronic fatigue, infertility, foggy thinking, ADHD or a child on the autism spectrum but in my view you are dealing with “ONE-IMBALANCE” creating your health problems. You are out of balance and have a sluggish lymphatic system creating limited circulation where ever you have your health problems.

The first step in lowering your risk of disease or to recover from an illness is to activate your lymphatic system to help eliminate toxicity. Balancing your pH with a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements like magnesium and potassium and lymphatic therapy will improve lymph flow and the “Natural Detoxification” of acid waste from the body. The main point here is that when your body is more in balance the tissues and organs relax so that cellular waste can be released and reabsorbed by the lymphatic vessels.

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