Darier’s Disease, Psoriasis and Most Skin Problems Helped By Optimizing Lymphatic System

If you have a severe skin problem like Darier’s disease, psoriasis and most skin problems, they can be helped by optimizing the lymphatic system. The superficial lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment plant, is right under your skin. It is a network of vessels, some are as thin as your hair or microscopic, and nodes that must reabsorb parts of damaged cells, fibrin and cellular waste like lactic acid and other debris.

When the lymphatic system is not working optimally your own cellular waste can build in your skin. This buildup of waste creates toxicity and inflammation, creating a proliferation of dead cells. In the attached pictures is a client diagnosed with Darier’s disease. He walks around with a large brimmed hat and bandanna over his nose and face because any sunlight, even the reflection from glare from the sun shining on a car window will irritate and burn his skin. He has had this condition for years.

Darier's DiseaseWhen I first met this client it was for one session of LymphPractic to start to open his lymphatic system. He came in the day before I was leaving for a two-week vacation. You can see by the pictures how the skin on his neck has excess cellular waste building up. This is also the area in the neck where all the lymph has to flow to enter a vein before the heart.

Mood Disorders and Depression Seen In Darier’s Disease

When the lymphatics in the area become congested cellular waste builds around our necks and shoulders making us tight, limiting circulation.  This tight shoulders can also limit lymph flow out of the neck, face and cranium, look at his face and eyes how irritated and red they were. The client also experienced bouts of depression and anxiety which has been documented in others with the disease.

A recent study examined neuropsychiatric conditions in a non-random sample of 100 British individuals assessed as having Darier’s. There were high lifetime rates for mood disorders (50%), including depression (30%), bipolar disorder (4%), suicidal thoughts (31%) and suicide attempts (13%),…[1]

Skin Greatly Improved, Mentally Feeling Better

Darier's Disease ImprovementThe client bought my book after the session and went to the health food store to pick up supplements to balance his pH and a systemic enzyme to help breakdown cellular waste. When I returned from vacation and saw the client for his next visit a few weeks later I was shocked to see this serious skin problem had greatly improved. See for yourself in the second picture.

He was knowledgeable about healthy eating but had slacked off the diet while sick. He followed the advice in my book and changed his diet, took supplements, took more deep breaths, watched his posture and kept well hydrated. He recently came in for a session his skin is getting better and mentally he his feeling better.

The point to be made is that researchers are finding many health problems are due to cellular waste; type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and insomnia to name only a few. One of the most important steps in your health care plan is to optimize your lymphatic system daily to help naturally detox cellular waste.

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[1]Gordon-Smith, K.; et al. (2010). “The neuropsychiatric phenotype in Darier disease”. British Journal of Dermatology 163 (3): 515–522.doi:10.1111/j.1365-2133.2010.09834.xPMID 20456342

Lymph Activation Improves Brain Health and How You Feel and Think

The main reason that I can say, without any doubt, that lymph activation improves brain health and how we feel and think, is that I see it the improvement in my clients, over and over. For the over 20 years I have been activating the lymphatic system in clients and I have personally witnessed clients with MS, depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bi-polar, insomnia, hydrocephalus, ADD, OCD, autism improve. When you improve lymph flow and circulation in your brain you improve brain health and how you think and feel.

Clients have come in unable to do simple math, move an arm or smile. Often in just a few sessions to activate their lymphatic system (body’s sewage treatment plant) to increase whole body lymph flow they feel better. They can add numbers again, move their arm better and smile all due to the “natural detoxification” of acid waste and excess proteins from the body and brain.

An Acidic pH Constricts Lymphatic System

When I first learned of acid-alkaline balance in 2003, I realized that an acidic pH was constricting our lymphatic system allowing us to fill with our own cellular waste, making us toxic and sick. That’s when I began to figure out a way to manually help detox acid waste from the body and brain, I call this fully clothed work to improve lymph flow LymphPractic. Over the next year I started seeing clients for lymph activation 3 days in a row instead of weekly or bi-weekly. After working on hundreds of clients I saw a similar pattern of detox reactions occur during our three days of LymphPractic which releases waste and makes them more toxic for a few hours to a day.

Clients always felt more relaxed and had less of their specific symptoms after the first session. Later that evening they would feel more fatigue, some had to go right to bed, a headache, digestive issues and more of their symptoms like pain or discomfort. Some said they slept really well that first night.

Same Detox Reactions – More Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia For A Few Hours

The next morning they would feel a little achy and fatigued some had stomach discomfort; some would feel like a truck hit them or as if they had the flu. After their LymphPractic session on the second day they would feel better again, later that day some had their worst depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, digestive problems, problems concentrating or thinking. Some even felt sinus or bladder infections starting and then it went away in a few hours.

Many said they had a hard time sleeping the second night. Some people told me they felt emotional and cried for no reason. All these problems manifested and worsened during their lymphatic detox due to released cellular waste creating more toxicity.

The Third Day They Felt Better, More Alive

The third day when they came in often their complexion was pale, ashen or white with dark rings under their eyes. Some felt better but fatigued, like they had the flu. Some felt better after their session that day. The point to take away from this is that the increase in pain or depression or feeling stressed and emotional was gone! It only lasted a few hours or a night. Then they felt better, and more alive! Since that time I minimize a detox reaction by preparing clients with a LymphPractic session for a week or two before a series begins. That initial work showed me how toxicity can create our health problems. Acidic waste and its toxic effect on the body and brain is a silent killer.

The reason clients felt sick or experienced an increase in their health problems for a few hours to a day was due to an increase in body acidity and excess proteins (cellular waste) that made them more toxic. The liberated waste from the tissues and organs first congests the body, making it more toxic, limiting circulation. Then over a few hours or to a day the organs slowly work to clean this waste from the body and clients feel better. Are you ready to feel better and more alive with a lymphatic system tune-up with LymphPractic?

Opening The Lymphatic System-Brain Connection Can Help Veterans With PTSD

American FlagOpening The Lymphatic System-Brain Connection Can Help Veterans With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Over the years many names have been given for the emotional trauma that scars veterans of war; shell shock, battle fatigue, traumatic war neurosis and now post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies as far back as World War II and continuing today with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars show that large numbers of veterans return home to nightmares, sleeplessness, flashbacks, negative imagery, long term fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness, problems with concentration, weeping and generalized anxiety.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can develop after an occurrence of extreme psychological stress, such as that found in war or from a violent attack, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, or serious life threatening accident. Many of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans not only had to go to war, they were often deployed 3-4 times. Repeated stress has a profound negative effect on the body and brain.

Lymphatic System Cleans The Brain

Ongoing relentless stress constricts the lymphatic system negatively affecting the organs and central nervous system and can create depression, PTSD or negative thoughts like suicide. Many of these veterans are on multiple antidepressant medications which can make the body more acidic and toxic. Medications are not the answer. Never stop a medication before consulting with your physician, it is best to ween off a little at a time, sometimes over months.

The rate of suicide attempts among veterans is escalating quickly. It is hard to get an accurate number, but it has been reported that an average of 950 veterans per month are trying to take their own life. 18-22 veterans a day are losing their personal battle. This is a catastrophic problem! Understanding how the lymphatic system must clean the brain and how to maintain the lymphatic system is key to helping veterans with PTSD.

New research published in June 2015 by the University of Virginia, School of Medicine links the lymphatic system and brain. Researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain. That means there is a direct relationship between the brain and lymphatic system that helps to clean it. If the lymphatic system becomes toxic and congested cellular waste can build in the brain. The lymphatic system-brain connection is key to understanding PTSD and how to help it.

When you have experienced a severe emotional trauma or stress (especially repeated stress), the body becomes overly acidic. The lymphatic system congests allowing acidic cellular waste to build in the body, cerebrospinal fluid and brain. The resulting toxicity in the body and brain leads to many of the symptoms associated with PTSD.

CranioSacral Therapy Improves Circulation and Lymph Flow

To show you how therapies that improve lymph flow can help veterans here is information from a study with Vietnam veterans and PTSD, using CranioSacral Therapy. In 1999 Dr. John Upledger, developer of CranioSacral Therapy and a team of therapists led 22 Vietnam veterans in a groundbreaking study which was co-designed with the West Palm Beach Veterans Administration Medical Center. In the study the Veterans received sessions of CranioSacral Therapy.

An independent licensed psychologist confirmed in a post-program report that the veterans experienced fewer symptoms by the end of the program, most notably related to depression, lack of motivation, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, feelings of alienation, and total number and severity of general symptoms. More than a 95% correlation was noted between the CranioSacral Therapy sessions and the improvements the veterans saw.

In CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy or LymphPractic we manually increase lymph flow and blood circulation in the body and brain. The increase in cerebrospinal fluid absorption helps to remove acid waste and excess proteins to calm the body and mind.

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5 Steps to Balance The Body’s pH to Improve Lymph Flow, Health and Vitality

Fruits and Vegetables Balance pH

Fruits and Vegetables Balance pH

Many people don’t realize that they can use 5 steps to balance the body’s pH to improve lymph flow, health and vitality. Those who have read my book, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance always assume I’m a vegetarian.  I can tell you, we are meant to eat a lot more alkaline vegetables, fruits, and nuts. But I am like most of the population, I am not a vegetarian but know the benefits of eating more vegetables.

Before I learned of acid-alkaline balance I ate mostly meat, pasta, white rice, refined flour and drank coffee, tea, soda, beer and alcohol. These are acid forming and damaging to the body when left unchecked. Do I still eat acid foods? Yes, sparingly. The goal is to learn to balance the acid we put in our body by adding more alkaline foods and minerals on a daily basis.

When your pH becomes too acidic or too alkaline your lymphatic system, a sewage treatment plant for the body, slows or stops and any part of the body can become filled with your own cellular waste (parts of dead cells, fibrin, lactate acid…). As cellular waste builds in your tissues overtime it becomes more acidic and toxic to your cells, which make up everything in your body, even your blood.

An acidic pH is why your muscles tighten in your back, neck, shoulders, even why you may occasionally have a painful Charley Horse in your calf.  An acidic pH and its effect on the body is also the reason why so many people you know have cancer, heart disease, depression, foggy thinking, candida, fibromyalgia and digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas. An acidic environment damages your cells.

5 Steps to Rebalance pH to Improve Lymph Flow

The most important step is to rebalancing your pH to improve your cellular and overall health is to start thinking of improving your lymph flow on a daily basis. So what can you do? Start to balance your pH with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

  1. Begin by consuming much less processed foods.
  2. Consume more alkaline food and drinks (fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts).
  3. Be well hydrated with water containing minerals. When you are better hydrated your circulation improves. Water is a simple way to improve detoxification.
  4. Deep breathing exercises immediately helps to balance pH and improves lymph flow.
  5. Daily exercise for 15-30 minutes a day helps cellular waste to be eliminated from the body.

Your health depends on a balanced pH to have good circulation.  Besides a healthier diet and daily exercise adding lymph drainage therapy to your health regime is one of the most powerful ways to improve circulation and detoxification of acid waste to promote health and vitality. Just by starting to make small changes to rebalancing pH and optimizing your lymph flow on a daily basis you can dramatically improve your life.

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