5 Steps to Lose Weight with Lymphatic System Detoxification

LYMPH-SYSTEM-Greenman-smI can tell you from my own and my clients experience that when you follow these 5 steps to lose weight with lymphatic system detoxification you will keep it off. When I was younger, before kids and businesses I was very active triathlons, swimming and hiking. Then life happened and I became more sedentary and gained about 40-50 pounds. For many years I yo-yo dieted, but would always gain it back. Since I started maintaining my lymphatic system I no longer yo-yo diet and have kept weight off.

You may be asking yourself, “what does the lymphatic system have to do with losing weight?” The lymphatic system plays a large role in removing cellular waste, triglycerides and phospholipids that form fat. Let’s start with the science. In 2005 two studies linked fat and obesity to damaged lymphatic vessels. Both studies inactivated a gene called Prox1 which created leaky lymphatic vessels. This gene is required for the healthy formation of lymphatic vessels.

An Acidic pH Constricts Lymphatic Vessels Limiting Absorption of Fats

Researchers identified lymphatic vasculature dysfunction as a cause of adult-onset obesity. They found that where the gene was inactivated, the lymphatic vessels became leaky, allowing cellular waste and lipids to build in the area, thereby creating fat. That can happen in real life but I believe an acidic pH and its constricting effect on the lymphatic vessels is limiting the lymphatic vessels ability to reabsorb fat.

The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that can be damaged by many things, including dehydration, excess proteins (cellular waste), stress, extreme cold, infection, viruses, an acidic pH, many medications and a sedentary lifestyle. So rather than starving yourself with fad diets, try a lymphatic system detoxification. This is basically a series of manual lymphatic sessions to improve circulation and natural detoxification.

5 Steps to Improve Lymph Flow and Body pH to Help Weight Loss

  1. Eat More Alkaline Foods —fresh vegetables, fruits, alkaline grains (quinoa, wild rice) and nuts (cashew, Brazil and almond) help balance pH of the body.
  1. Daily Exercise — Even 15 minutes daily will move blood through your body and help remove cellular debris. For weight loss try an easy 20-30 minute workout twice a day for a few weeks
  2. Manage Stress — Stress is extremely acid-forming and weakens the body. Lymphatic therapy, massage, meditation or a long walk can reduce the effects of stress.
  3. Drink Lots of Water with Minerals — Purified or reverse osmosis water is devoid of minerals making the water acidic. Drinking bottled mountain spring water containing minerals costs only pennies more than bottled R.O. water.
  4. LymphPractic or Lymph Drainage Therapy — A series of lymph activation sessions improves circulation and natural detoxification promoting a healthy pH and weight loss.

After a series of lymphatic sessions, you will feel circulation in your body, this improved circulation helps much more than weight loss. Many of your health problems will also benefit from an optimized lymphatic system. If you can’t find a lymphatic therapist, a series of massages can help, but LymphPractic or Lymph Drainage Therapy will be more effective.

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Three Benefits of Lymphatic System Detoxification

Jump or HealthIf you are ready to start the new year off with a detox, here are three benefits of lymphatic system detoxification. We look for many ways to improve our health or lose weight this time of year, we need to start looking at the lymphatic system and its roles in maintaining the body and brain.

One of the most powerful ways to help overcome an illness, improve your health or to begin a weight loss program is by receiving a series of manual lymphatic therapy sessions to activate your lymphatic system to improve lymph flow, blood circulation, natural detoxification and your immune response.

When the lymphatic system is activated over a series of sessions it dramatically improves circulation, during a session clients actually feel circulation or flow in their body. This increase in circulation immediately helps to improve the “natural detoxification” of acid waste, dead cells and fibrin from the tissues of the body. When your cells have a cleaner and balanced environment you are more relaxed, have energy, sleep better, think clearer and feel more alive!

Three Benefits of Optimizing Your Lymphatic System

  1. Whole Body Detoxification – The lymphatic system helps maintain every system in the body. Improving lymph flow helps any detoxification program alleviate released cellular waste that is produced during a detoxification.
  2. Stronger Immune Response – When you improve lymph flow you activate immune cells like lymphocytes to scavenge viruses, bacteria, cancer and foreign invaders.
  3. Healthy Weight Loss – In 2005 two studies linked fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels. When working optimally the lymphatic system plays a large role in reabsorbing fats and fluid that can contribute to making us fat or create a fatty liver.

Think about the fact that you have a lymphatic system, that is connected to and helps maintain every system in the body, even the brain. Everyday approximately 500 million cells die and become toxic waste in the body. Simply by receiving a series of lymphatic therapy sessions over 3-4 weeks you can optimize the health of your cells and your overall health.

With each session you help improve circulation to deliver oxygen, nutrients or medications deeper into your cells which make up everything in your body, while improving detoxification of acidic cellular waste. Quick start your weight loss and health program, build your immune response and feel better than you have in a long time with a series of lymphatic sessions.

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