Podcast 22 ADHD Helped by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

xray of BrainADHD Helped by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection by balancing pH and improving lymph flow.  ADHD can be helped by optimizing your child’s waste disposal system; their lymphatic system. To help children with problems with their ability to think or function you first must understand how the lymphatic system helps maintain the brain.

The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that help to remove cellular waste and protein rich fluid from around your cells. This network is a tiny plumbing system that must reabsorb; excess water, proteins, fibrin, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, enzymes, urea, minerals, hormones, some dissolved gases (e.g. carbon dioxide), cells (lymphocytes, macrophages), toxins, bacteria, cellular waste, bits of cell debris and return it back to the blood.

Lymphatic System Found in Brain

If the lymphatic system becomes compromised or constricted, it can lead to a buildup of waste in the body or brain leading to limited circulation, resulting inflammation and disease. The importance of understanding the lymph-brain connection cannot be overstated. In June 2015 University of Virginia researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain, a direct lymphatic system-brain connection.

In my book, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance I explain how when the lymphatic system is not working optimally you can fill with cellular waste. These proteins accumulate to create limited circulation in the body or brain, like logs in a river creating log jams. Learn how a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements, Epsom salt Baths and lymphatic drainage sessions can help improve circulation and natural detoxification to help ADHD and hyperactivity.

Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Gout

Man with Gout Med PicIf you are having pain from gout, lymphatic system detoxification helps gout. The pain from gout is from the buildup and crystallization of uric acid. By improving lymph flow you help to improve circulation and natural detoxification of acidic waste to help gout. When you have gout, you have inflammation and the area is toxic.  The goal is to reduce inflammation and toxicity to improve the cellular environment in the joint of the foot. Consuming more alkaline fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts helps to balance pH. Daily light exercise, deep breathing and good posture all help to improve circulation.

Podcast 21 Slow Progression of Cirrhosis of the Liver with Lymphatic Detoxification

Cirrhosis word cloud You can help slow progression of cirrhosis of the liver with lymphatic detoxification. Improving the body’s pH and improving lymph flow in the body can help slow the progression of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is caused by scarring of  the liver limiting circulation and lymph flow. Eating a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, alkalizing supplements like magnesium, daily light exercise, being well hydrated and lymphatic drainage sessions can help reduce inflammation in the body to slow progression of inflammation and scarring which is damaging the liver.

Balance Marijuana Use to Help Prevent Hypertension

Medical Marijuana Buds on Black BackgroundIf you use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes you need to balance marijuana use to help prevent hypertension; high blood pressure. When you smoke you are inhaling CO2 (carbon dioxide) which can interact with the water in your lungs to produce carbonic acid. To smoke marijuana responsibly you need to balance the acid which is produced from smoking. You balance acid in the body by eating more fruits and vegetables, supplementing with magnesium, Epsom salt baths and being well hydrated, can help reduce acid in your body, to help reduce hypertension. It is really about using marijuana responsibly and balancing the acid it produces in the body.

Podcast 20 How to Help Keep Your Child Healthy After Antibiotics

Keep Your Child Healthy After AntibioticsIt is important to know how to help keep your child healthy after antibiotics by improving lymph flow. Antibiotics create excess cellular waste that can build in the body, creating toxicity and inflammation. This inflammation can negatively effect the brain, skin or organs creating dysfunction and disease in your child. When you improve the lymphatic system through a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements like magnesium, probiotics, systemic enzymes and manual lymphatic drainage you improve circulation and the natural detoxification of cellular waste from antibiotics.