Podcast 56 Self-Lymphatic Drainage is a Powerful Tool for Detoxification

Self-Lymphatic Drainage UnderarmMany people don’t know they have a lymphatic system that cleans their body and brain. Self-lymphatic drainage is a powerful tool to improve detoxification in the whole body. The lymphatic system is connected to every system in the body, even the brain. When the lymphatic system is working optimally and flowing it helps to improve detoxification of cellular waste, fibrin, fats, hormones, toxins and other debris from the body. When you do a lymphatic system detoxification with self-lymphatic drainage you are helping to improve circulation and detoxification in the whole body. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that can be manually drained. Everyone should know how to use self-lymphatic drainage to maintain their health.


Podcast 55 Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Young Children With Autism

Lymphatic System Detoxification AutismIf you have a child on the autism spectrum you should include maintaining their lymphatic system to improve how they feel and think. Lymphatic system detoxification helps young children with autism. Children with autism have more than cognitive problems, they often have eczema and digestive issues. These are clear signs of toxicity. The lymphatic system maintains every system in the body. By maintaining the lymphatic system you can help many health problems associated with autism. When your child is young the brain has more plasticity, ability to change. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain, in 2017 the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid is through lymphatic vessels. If you child is having difficulty you must maintain their lymphatic system to help how they think and feel.

Help Many Health Problems With Lymphatic System Detoxification

Lymphatic System DetoxificationMost people have more than one health problem. You can help many health problems with lymphatic system detoxification. The lymphatic system is connected to every system in the body and maintaining it can help many health problems. from pain, headaches, swelling, weak immune system, digestive issues, eczema and foggy thinking to name a few. Most of your health problems are due to toxicity, from cellular waste building in your body and brain. Understanding this system that cleans us is life changing. For most of your life you have had health problems with many different names, but the root cause is toxicity. When you want to improve your lymphatic system function, its ability to reabsorb cellular waste, you need to balance your pH and manually improve lymph flow. By balancing pH and improving lymph flow, you improve circulation and natural detoxification in the body and brain.




Podcast 54 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is Helped with Lymphatic System Detox

Brain x-rayChronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease found in people who have had multiple head injuries. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is helped with lymphatic system detox. CTE is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by an abnormal accumulation of tau protein around small blood vessels in the brain. CTE causes brain cell death, cognitive deficits, and dementia. Research has shown that chronic traumatic encephalopathy is from repeated hits to head, not from concussions. You often hear about NFL players with CTE, but it can affect veterans who were exposed to IED’s, but did not suffer a concussion. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain, that is a direct lymph-brain connection that can be used to help improve circulation and detoxification to help CTE.

Podcast 53 Brain Fog can be Helped by Opening the Lymph-Brain Connection

Girl Foggy ThinkingThere are many forms of brain fog, like fibro fog or chemo brain. Brain fog can be helped by opening the lymph-brain connection. Many things can affect how you think, from diet, dehydration, stress, hormonal changes, medical conditions and medications. All of these can create an acidic pH which could limit lymph flow and circulation in the brain. In 2015 researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain, and in 2017 researchers found that lymphatic vessels were the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid. This means the lymphatic system plays a large role in maintaining the brain. If lymph flow is impeded in the neck or clavicle areas, it can create a back flow of cerebrospinal fluid which can interfere with how you think. Eating a more alkaline diet, being hydrated, supplementing with magnesium and lymphatic drainage sessions can help brain fog.