Podcast 65 Help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

3D illustration of 'PTSD' title on medical document(Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) conceptPost-traumatic stress disorder can affect anyone, it is especially found in veterans. PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. You can help post-traumatic stress disorder by improving the lymph-brain connection. The “fight-or-flight” response is a normal reaction meant to help protect a person from harm. Almost everyone will experience a range of reactions after trauma, most people will recover from their initial symptoms naturally. Those who continue to experience problems with how they feel mentally and physically may be diagnosed with PTSD. People who have PTSD often feel stressed or frightened, even when they are not in danger. Learning how to use diet, basic supplements, lymphatic drainage sessions or self-lymphatic drainage can help you better manage your PTSD and life. Learn more about maintaining your lymphatic system to help how you feel.


Podcast 64 Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Lyme Disease

Tablet with the diagnosis Lyme Disease on the displayLymphatic system detoxification helps Lyme disease. I was fortunate to work with many clients with Lyme disease. Their symptoms ranged from digestive issues, heart disease, inflamed joints, extreme fatigue and serious neurologic Lyme and associated brain fog. Most of the clients were already seeing a Naturopathic physician and on a Lyme protocol of antibiotics, IV’s of vitamin C and glutathione, Meyers Cocktail, and  any number of treatments to clean the blood. I believe when a person with Lyme has difficulty in recovering after their first round of antibiotics and other treatments that their lymphatic system may have been compromised. When you have Lyme, you have more cellular waste in your tissues due to the bacteria. When you kill off the bacteria it will also create an extreme amount of cellular die off that can overwhelm an already overwhelmed lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is compromised cellular waste can build in the joints, heart, digestive tissues or brain creating the many symptoms associated with Lyme disease. Including lymphatic sessions or learning how to do self-lymphatic drainage is an important part to helping Lyme disease.


Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Psoriasis

John Ossipinsky explains how lymphatic system detoxification helps psoriasis. Many people suffer with red, irritated, scaly skin associated with psoriasis. If not managed it can progress to psoriatic arthritis, where the joints become stiff and inflexible from the buildup of cellular waste. The key here is cellular waste building in the body. The same waste can be causing the inflamed scaly skin and psoriatic arthritis. When the lymphatic system cannot reabsorb cellular waste and immune cells efficiently, they can build in the body creating inflammation and stiffness. By maintaining your lymphatic system with diet, supplements and self- lymphatic drainage you can better manage your psoriasis and help psoriatic arthritis. Learn more about maintaining your lymphatic system.

Podcast 63 Help Control Lipedema (Lipoedema) with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Lymphatic Vessels of the Leg, vintage engraved illustration. Lipedema or Lipoedema in Europe, is a growing problem affecting mostly woman. You can help control lipedema (lipoedema) with lymphatic system detoxification. Lipedema is an accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, this is not ordinary fat, it is hard and not easily broken down. Fat builds mostly in the legs and buttocks, it can build in the arms, creating fat pads around the elbows. Lipedema does not respond well to dietary changes that may help others lose weight. In my opinion an acidic pH plays a role in why the lymphatics are compromised. Lymphatic system detoxification; balancing pH and manually improving lymph flow can help you have better control over inflammation and lipedema.

Lose Weight with Lymphatic System Detoxification and Keep It Off

If you are having problems losing weight and keeping it off, you can lose weight with lymphatic system detoxification. Two studies in 2005 linked fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels. Researchers damaged the Prox1 gene in the leg of mice and saw that the lymphatic vessels were ruptured and leaky. The legs of the mice became fat. If the lymphatic system cannot reabsorb cellular waste and fats from the tissues you become fat. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must maintain your lymphatic system. When you maintain your lymphatic system by eating more alkaline, taking alkalizing supplements and manually maintaining your lymphatic system you gain more control over your weight.