Podcast 70 Improve Thyroiditis – Thyroid Inflammation with Improved Lymph Flow

Thyroiditis - Thyroid Gland TorsoWhen you have thyroiditis or thyroid inflammation, your thyroid may be sensitive to touch, you may have discomfort when turning your head or swallowing. You can improve thyroiditis, thyroid inflammation, with improved lymph flow. Common symptoms of thyroid inflammation You can have no symptoms, or may experience: excess sweating, fatigue, heat intolerance, or feeling cold, Digestive problems: unusually frequent defecation or water retention, anxiety or nervousness, weight gain or weight loss, abnormal protrusion of eyes or puffy eyes.

The thyroid is right next to the major lymph vessels in the neck. When the lymphatic system in the thyroid cannot reabsorb cellular waste, immune cells and fluid it can build in the thyroid creating swelling and damage to the thyroid cells limiting the thyroid function. By improving lymph flow in the shoulders and neck you can help improve circulation and natural detoxification to help the thyroid.

Podcast 69 Reduce Breast Inflammation with Improved Lymph Flow

Woman checking for breast inflammationBreast inflammation can occur in both males and females, though the majority of breast inflammation occurs in woman. You can reduce breast inflammation with improved lymph flow. Inflammation and pain in the breast can be caused by overly acidic tissues, I call this tissue acidosis. When the lymph nodes in the axilla are not working efficiently cellular waste builds in the underarm limiting lymph flow and circulation out of the breast. Overtime inflammation builds in the tissues of the breast, creating a breeding ground for disease. Manually draining the mammary nodes (below the underarm), and the underarm can help improve lymph flow and circulation in the breast tissue. To help reduce inflammation it is important to eat a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables.

Help Back Pain With Lymphatic System Detoxification

Back pain can be debilitating. You can help back pain with lymphatic system detoxification. Pain is often from congestion in the tissues, this can occur from trauma, surgery, medications, being overly acidic or being sedentary. This congestion creates an acidic environment that inflames the tissues creating pain. By improving lymph flow in the area you can reduce pain and help manage your pain. You can receive a lymphatic session from a lymphatic therapist or learn how to self-drain your lymphatic system. Improving lymph flow in the body helps circulation and natural detoxification to help change the environment in the tissues where you have your pain.


Podcast 68 10 Benefits of Maintaining Your Lymphatic System

lymphatic system drawing bodyEveryone has a lymphatic system and can benefit from maintaining their sewage treatment system. Here are 10 benefits of maintaining your lymphatic system.

  1. Less infections – Recurring Infections are due to limited circulation – Sinus infections, breast, pancreatic infections.
  2. Reduced Pain – By improving circulation inflamed nerves and tissues can heal
  3. Clearer Skin – More adults are having acne or skin problems like urticaria.
  4. Improve dry eyes or dry mouth. Can be due to medications limiting circulation. Many disease like Sojourns disease creates dry eyes and mouth
  5. Better digestion – IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, constipation
  6. Less swelling –  Swelling- Lymphedema- Lipedema
  7. Healthier gums and teeth
  8. Improves the Immune response
  9. Clearer thinking, Many suffer with foggy thinking, due to a backup of fluid, taking Claritin or Benadryl
  10. Better Sleep

It doesn’t take much to maintain your lymphatic system, it just takes an understanding that you can have more control over your health by being aware that you have to maintain your lymphatic system.

Podcast 67 Improving Lymph Flow Can Help Children With Developmental Disorders

John and Client with Developmental DelaysIf your child has a developmental delay they can benefit from improving their lymphatic system. Improving lymph flow can help children with developmental delays by improving circulation and natural detoxification in the body and brain. Their are many forms of developmental disorders, from Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual disabilities, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or brain injury. You have to look at each child and their specific health problems. Is their body tight, do they have outbursts and do they have appliances like a palate-expander. I can tell you many of the children I see with developmental delays are looser, more relaxed and look forward to their LymphPractic session. LymphPractic is a fully clothed lymphatic session that helps to release restrictions in the body and brain to improve circulation and quality of life.