Help Anxiety By Balancing pH

Anxiety has a lot to do with how toxic your body and brain have become. You can help anxiety by balancing pH,  pH is the measure of hydrogen in a solution. More hydrogen in a solution the more acidic it will be. When the brain becomes acidic you feel more anxiety. When you balance pH with a more alkaline diet, supplements and activating the lymphatic system you help improve circulation and detoxification in the body and brain, improving how you feel.


Podcast 125 Help Foggy Thinking with Lymphatic System Detoxification

lymph-rain connectionWhen you have periods of foggy thinking, you are more acidic and toxic. This acidity can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to detox fluid and cellular waste from the brain. You can help foggy thinking with lymphatic system detoxification. Often when I am going through lymphatic system detoxification I will have some foggy thinking as my body becomes at first, more acidic from released waste. There are many names for foggy thinking, brain fog, chemo brain, and fibro fog. There is a large lymph-brain connection that can be used to help foggy thinking. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain. In 2017 researchers found that the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid was through lymphatic vessels. Going through a gentle, lymphatic system detoxification can help reduce foggy thinking. Learn how to manually open your lymphatic system in this video with John Ossipnsky.


Help Alzheimer’s By Reducing Senescent Zombie Cells

Senescent zombie cells have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. You can help Alzheimer’s by reducing Senescent Zombie cells. The lymphatic system plays a large role in metabolizing cellular waste like senescent cells or tau protein. If you want to help the brain and Alzheimer’s you must know how to use the lymphatic system, especially a lymph-brain connection to improve circulation and detoxification.

Tight Shoulders Due to Lymphatic System Congestion

If you have tight shoulders it is due to the buildup of acidic waste. Tight shoulders due to lymphatic system congestion. The major lymph vessels are on either side of the neck under the clavicle bones. When they become congested and cannot clean detoxification becomes impeded, allowing acidic cellular waste to build in the muscles your shoulders and neck, creating tightness and pain. Activating the lymphatic system with either a session with a lymphatic therapist or learning to activate your lymph with self-lymphatic drainage can help you gain more control over your tight shoulders.


Podcast 124 Fasting 16 Hours A Day Helps Improve The Lymphatic System

Healthy Lifestyles, fasting lymphatic system dietFasting for 16 hours a day is a powerful way to lose weight or improve your health. Fasting 16 hours a day helps improve the lymphatic system, the body’s sewage treatment system, and overall health. When you don’t eat for 16 hours your body can metabolize and breakdown material in your body. Fasting can be made more healthful by including what I call Intermittent pH Balancing. Most people when they fast, go from not eating, right into eating mostly acid-forming foods. Over time this can lead to an acidic pH that can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to clean cellular waste and fats from your cellular environment.  In intermittent pH balancing, you break your fast with alkaline foods; fruits and vegetables before eating more acid forming foods like wheat, meat or soy protein.