Podcast 134 Help Eye Pain with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Woman Holding EyesThere is controversy whether the eye has lymphatic vessels. You can help eye pain with lymphatic system detoxification to help reduce cellular waste which can limit circulation in the eye. It is known that the muscles and tissues around the eye, especially the Schlemm’s canal, a circular lymphatic-like vessel in the eye helps to reabsorb aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye. When the eye suffers trauma or becomes overly acidic the lymphatic system in the area becomes compromised. The result is the buildup of cellular waste which builds in the blood vessels around the eye, like log jams in a river, limiting circulation and detoxification. By going through gentle lymphatic system detoxification, using dietary balancing, basic supplements and manual lymphatic drainage you can help improve lymph flow and circulation through the eye and surrounding tissues to reduce pressure and pain.

Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome By Improving Lymph Flow

The pain and stiffness of carpal tunnel syndrome can be debilitating. You can help carpal tunnel syndrome by improving lymph flow to help detox cellular waste from the tissues of the wrist. The wrist is one of the only joints that have no lymph nodes. This may be a partial reason why acidic cellular waste can build in the wrist irritating the transverse carpal ligament and median nerve. Manually activating the lymphatic system in the axilla and neck helps to detox cellular waste from the tissues of the wrist.


Podcast 133 Help Anxiety By Improving The Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Vessels in Head andWhen you have anxiety you can also have many other symptoms like depression, panic attacks, nausea, fatigue, tight chest, difficulty breathing, palpitations, digestive issues, and restless leg syndrome.  You can help anxiety by improving the lymphatic system to help reduce the buildup of cellular waste and inflammation. The lymphatic system is a secondary system like the circulatory system that helps to maintain every system in the body, even the brain. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain, in 2017 the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid was found to be into lymphatic vessels. When the lymphatic system cannot efficiently help to clear cerebrospinal fluid and cellular waste from the brain, the brain becomes acidic and toxic. This toxicity affects how you feel and think. The lymphatic system is a simple system that you gain more control of using dietary balancing, basic supplements, and activating the lymphatic system with lymphatic drainage or self-lymphatic drainage. Improving lymph flow can help many of your health issues. Never stop any medication! Put steps into action to improve your health for a few weeks and work with your physician.


Help Many Skin Diseases By Improving the Lymphatic System

There are many skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis that are due to an acidic pH and congested lymphatic system. When acidic cellular waste builds in the skin, the skin becomes inflamed and raw. You can help many skin diseases by improving the lymphatic system to detox the buildup of cellular waste. The superficial lymphatic is right under the skin and mostly dependent on deep breathing. Lymphatic system detoxification can help reduce acidic cellular waste and inflammation in the skin. When you look at eczema, you can see the inflammation in the red irritated skin. Same for psoriasis, the flaky white patches you see is the buildup of cellular waste on the skin. Learning to detox and maintain your lymphatic system can help to reduce the buildup of cellular waste and inflammation from the skin.

Lose Stubborn Weight By Improving The Lymphatic System

If you are having a hard time losing weight you need to understand how the lymphatic system can help you lose weight. You can lose stubborn weight by improving the lymphatic system to improve circulation and detoxification. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that help to absorb cellular waste, fats and other debris which forms fat in the body. In 2015 damaged lymphatic vessels were linked to fat and obesity in mice. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you must maintain your lymphatic system.