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Developer of LymphPractic®, Author, Educator, Speaker

Drawing of Lymphatic SystemJohn Ossipinsky is a lymphatic system expert with 24 years of working with the lymphatic system and its connection to the body and brain, to promote health. After retiring from the New York City Fire Department in 1991, John and his wife Eileen, moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 1994 John graduated from Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College. He continued his education with the Upledger Institute and Chikly Health Institute where he learned the work of three world renowned doctors who use their hands to improve the health of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves), visceral (organ) system and the lymphatic system. John became certified in Lymphedema Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy.

Lymphatic System Detoxification the New Science of Health

John has been studying and working with the body, especially the lymphatic system and the brain helping many health problems. He knows how the lymphatic system plays critical roles in detoxification and completing circulation through the tissues of the body, including the skin, muscles, bones, organs, nerves, spinal cord and brain.

In 2003 John learned about acid-alkaline balance and began studying the relationship between the lymphatic system and the pH of the body. His studies showed that many people with health problems are severely acidic, possibly 100 times more acidic than they should be. Even if you have no signs of acidity, an acidic pH can still be silently damaging your cells and your health. He realized then that an overly-acidic body could slow or stop all or parts of the lymphatic system (a sewage treatment system for the body and brain) and create damaging toxicity.

Autointoxication – A Toxic Body

lf your lymphatic system is hindered then cellular waste, proteins, fluid and toxins can accumulate in any part of the body and brain creating an unhealthy cellular environment,  weight gain, a weakened immune system and a breeding ground for disease.This buildup of acidic cellular waste leads to AUTOINTOXICATION which damages our cells and can constrict or tighten muscles, organs, nerves or the brain. This buildup of cellular waste and tightening limits circulation damaging our overall health.

Emerging Science of Lymphatic System is Missed

John understood how these two emerging sciences, the lymphatic system and acid-alkaline balance, were not properly understood in our idea of health and disease. He spent years contacting local doctors, NIH, the Surgeon General’s office, Politicians and realized that the science of the lymphatic system and acid-alkaline balance were outside the current medical paradigm to gain any credence. He knew that understanding this science could transform a sick nation and world to health. At that time he decided to take on the task of educating the public about this important science. Even if he had to do it one lymphatic system at a time.

Read John’s letter to Secretary Sebelius of Human Health Services. Read the National Institutes of Health reply to John, where they write, “We agree with you that there is a clear need to understand the biology of the lymphatic system in health and disease.” They realized this in the year 2000! It is now 2017, it will be decades before information about maintaining the lymphatic system trickles down to the public.

Learning to Detox and Maintain Your Lymphatic System is Life Changing!

John himself suffered with various health problems (IBS, lactose intolerance, weight problem, gas, bloating, nausea, tight muscles and restless leg syndrome). When he began to balance his pH by eating a healthier more alkaline diet, exercising and activating his lymphatic system, these health problems were gone in less than 30 days. He did the same with his children and their problems (constipation, rashes and eczema) disappeared. Many people are improving their health by learning to rebalance their body and improving their lymphatic system.

LymphPractic® – Manual Detoxification

John spent years researching the best way to manually activate the lymphatic system to detox acidic cellular waste, excess proteins, toxins and debris from the tissues of the body. While manually activating the lymphatic system of hundreds of patients to improve their overall health, John developed LymphPractic. It is one of the first manual therapy’s in the nation to specifically improve whole body “Natural Detoxification” of acidic waste and excess proteins by increasing lymph flow in the skin, muscles, bones, organs and central nervous system in a one-hour session. LymphPractic is based on the science of the lymphatic, craniosacral, visceral (organ) and fascial systems, Shiatsu and massage.

LymphPractic increases “Whole Body Circulation” and detoxification creating a healthier cellular environment.  The improved circulation helps to naturally detox acidic cellular waste, proteins, toxins, fluids and other debris from in and around the cells of the body. John began to see that most health problems quickly improved as he activated his clients lymphatic system over a few weeks.

Improve World Health

In 2006 three years after realizing acid was slowing or stopping our lymphatic system John published, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance, detailing his significant findings. In his book he shows many published studies on the lymphatic system and acid-alkaline balance. He also reveals his 5 Step Approach to rebalancing the body’s pH through simple lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress reduction and manual lymphatic system detoxification. Our goal is to “improve world health” by empowering others to have a healthier, happier life by understanding this emerging science to improve their lymphatic system to take charge of their health.

In 2009 the Ossipinsky’s started to teach the public about the health benefits of maintaining their lymphatic system to increase circulation, and the “Natural Detoxification” of acidic waste from the body.

In 2013 the Ossipinsky’s formed the Lymphatic Research and Education Institute.  Mission Statement: To promote greater understanding of the lymphatic system’s role in maintaining human health and preventing disease through research and education.

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