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I want to personally, Thank You, for helping spread the word about the lymphatic system and the need to maintain, the body’s sewage treatment system with Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance. We will be offering 3 courses for the public to learn lymphatic system detoxification and maintenance. We will also be adding other courses. The first course is for everyone, to learn how to use diet, supplements, exercise and the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage (an 8-minute self-lymphatic drainage routine) to improve GENTLE whole body and head lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification.

You will receive 30% of any sales generated from your website, you will be linked to your affiliate and have Lifetime Commissions, even if they clear their cookies or use a different computer. Our first course, Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss and Life is for everyone to learn the basics of Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance, $125 (your 30% is $37.50). The second course of 3, to be certified as a Lymphatic System Health Coach is $497 (your % is $149.10). The third course of 3, to be certified to have training as a Lymphatic System Health Coach is $697 (your % is $209.10). If they buy all 3 courses, you receive $329.75. We will be adding other shorter courses, that they may also purchase.

I am very passionate about educating others about this missed science, that is a major contributing factor in many of our health problems. In reality everyone should be maintaining this system of vessels and nodes that cleans their body and brain, to live a healthy and happy life. The reason so many are sick or can’t heal well, is that the lymphatic system is missed in the idea of health and disease.

“It’s Not About Being Perfect, But Knowing How to Use Every Day Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance to Clean Up.” 

If you are an affiliate marketer, there is a Big Opportunity, for you here. Every person in the world, 7.6 billion has a lymphatic system, that helps clean their skin, muscles, bones, organs, nerves, spinal cord and brain. That is a pretty big untapped market. Many people have heard the words lymphatic system, from a relative or friend with cancer. Most don’t understand what the lymphatic system does or that they can have much more control over this system that cleans their body and brain.


Commissions are paid monthly and will be reversed on all returns. If we have already paid the commission it will come out of your next commission check.

FINALLY, we reserve the right to decline any affiliate account that we feel is not a good fit for our website. If you submit a site that A) Has not been built yet. B) Has no relationship to Health, Self-Help, Personal Growth, or the products we are promoting. C) Pharmaceutical or Pornographic. Your site will be subject to being declined for approval. In other words, we are looking for similar sites as those tend to have the highest potential for sales.

If there is anything you think we can do to improve our affiliate page, website or courses please let us know.


John Ossipinsky