Become A Lymphatic System Health Coach

Every person you know has a lymphatic system! Most don’t know they have a lymphatic system, that cleans their body and brain, until they get a diagnosis of cancer.

Dr. Oz has written that the “Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human disease.”

Are you prepared to help your family and client’s lymphatic system, to help them overcome an illness, lower their risk of disease or live a vibrant, happy life!

Be the First Lymphatic System Health Coach in Your Area

Become empowered with emerging science of the lymphatic system in the privacy of your home or office. Feel confident that you have the right science and training to improve your health and your community.


The Ossipinsky Method Of Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

John Ossipinsky has over two decades of experience educating his clients on lymphatic system detoxification and maintenenace to improve their health.

Have More Control Over Your, Your Family's and Client's Health

You can have more control over your health and life by understanding the lymphatic system.

Aren’t sure about learning to become a Lymphatic System Health Coach, yet!

Then first learn how to improve your health with Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance with this virtual course with John Ossipinsky. It has open enrollment and can be started immediately, This course is also the least expensive way to begin to learn how to change your health and possibly the health of others.

I guarantee in this first virtual course you will see the importance of the lymphatic system to your health. You will also learn how to use this system to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification to improve how you feel mentally and physically. You deserve to feel better!

Become a Lymphatic System Health Coach

Learn The Ossipinsky Method of

Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

Learn Lymphatic System Detoxification: Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss and Life Virtual Class $397


Lymphatic System in Head

Coming Soon! Hopefully November 2017. Have John Ossipinsky as your coach for 4-weeks to learn about emerging science of the lymphatic system. Especially how to improve your or a client’s lymphatic system for everyday, gentle detoxification to help improve overall health. This class is the second of 4 virtual classes you will need to be able to take a final test to be certified by the Ossipinsky Health Academy to have training to be a Lymphatic System Health Coach. Here is the first virtual class everyone starts at.

John Ossipinsky believes that health comes from learning to gently detox your body and brain to reduce inflammation and disease, on a regular basis. Beginning of each week you will receive new course material and each week we will have a live 60-minute webinar with John Ossipinsky to answer your questions.

Week One Introduction: Autointoxication – How Most Your Health Problems are Due to Toxicity and Inflammation!

Live Q&A To answer your questions and go over course material.

• Week Two Module One: Life Changing Benefits of Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

Live Q&A To answer your questions and go over course material.

• Week Three Module Two:  Help How You Think and Feel By Opening The Lymphatic System – Brain Connection

Live Q&A To answer your questions and go over material.

• Week Four Module Three: Helping Digestive Diseases & Skin Conditions By Improving the Lymphatic System

Live Q&A To answer your questions and go over material.

• Week Four Module Four:  Putting it All Together for Ongoing Everyday Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

Live Q&A To answer your questions and go over material.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“When I learned how to improve my lymphatic system with diet, exercise and the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage I was better able to control circulation and natural detoxification in my body. My health problems cleared up.”

Nancy - AZ

“Until I met John Ossipinsky I never realized I had to detox or maintain my lymphatic system. Now that I maintain my lymphatic system I have been able to manage stress better, have less pain and tightness, more energy and improved quality of sleep.”

Terry - TX

“What a great way to learn how to care for your body and brain. Once you understand John Ossipinsky’s science of the lymphatic system and it’s roles in health, you become empowered for health. John has developed a simple concept, maintain your lymphatic system on a daily basis to lower your risk of disease. ”

Charles - AZ

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