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Upcoming Webinar: Starting Date to Be Announced Mid 2017 – 6 Week Virtual Course

Helping Autism, ADHD and Brain Disorders By Opening The Lymph-Brain Connection Virtual Course

John and Eileen Ossipinsky are putting together a series of Lymphatic Health Courses to help the public understand this important life changing system. They are preparing to release their first of many webinars on the lymphatic system and many health issues. Their first webinar will be Helping Autism, ADHD and Brain Disorders By Opening The Lymph-Brain Connection Course.

If you have a child, teen or adult on the autism spectrum, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s, ADHD, Hydrocephalus, OCD, Tourette’s, Tortocolis or digestive issues this is a webinar that will help you understand the emerging science of the lymphatic system, how it relates to many brain disorders and how to use this science to help many of the health issues associated with brain.

Most importantly learn how to optimize the lymphatic system using small dietary changes, basic supplements and manual lymphatic system activation that helps stimulate circulation and natural detoxification in the body and brain. This improved lymph flow and circulation can help many health issues associated with autism.

Have John Ossipinsky as your coach to show you step by step how to use this groundbreaking science to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification to help cognitive, digestive and skin issues, even reducing anxiety and hyperactivity will be discussed during the six week course.

Everyone Benefits from Understanding This Emerging Science

Even though we will address autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays this emerging science will eventually benefit your whole family. When deciding to signup for the webinar know that I want to be upfront with you. Even though everyone will benefit greatly from John’s information and knowing how to detox and maintain the lymphatic system you have to look at your specific situation and understand what to expect in your case.

Our goal is to help every situation. From young children whose parents are looking for ways to help their child move off the spectrum to teens, adults and those who are high functioning who want a better quality of life. By that we mean less anxiety, hyperactivity, emotional outbursts, sleep disturbances, hand eye fixations, tight muscles, digestive and skin issues. Improvements in cognitive function have to be measured according to your specific situation.

In private practice John has seen children who were taken off the spectrum, diagnosis moved to ADHD, to children who had limited capacity to think, started to think a little clearer.

 Lymphatic System Found In Brain

The lymphatic system maintains every system of the body skin, muscles, bones, organs, nerves, spinal cord, even the brain. In June 2015 researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain, so there is a direct relationship between the lymphatic system and brain.

Over six weeks we will show you step by step how to improve the lymphatic system’s ability to detox cellular waste which is creating inflammation and toxicity in all of us, but especially in those with a serious diagnosis like ASD. Each week you will be sent one module to work on, then later that week we will have a live Question & Answer to further help you understand this emerging science. These live Q&A’s will be recorded for access anytime.

Our idea of detoxification is very different, it should be gentle. Step one – Balance the internal body in and around the cells. Step two – Manually activate the lymphatic system in a specific manner to improve lymph flow, circulation and the natural detoxification of acidic cellular waste. These two steps can help improve cognitive function (depending on your specific situation), digestive, skin and emotional issues. You will learn how to use small dietary changes, supplements and an easy manual routine to open the lymphatic system to help relax the body and mind and improve natural detoxification in the body and brain.

Webinar: Helping Autism, ADHD and other Brain Disorders By Opening the Lymph-Brain Connection Course
Module One: Introduction – Autism, Digestive, Skin Issues & The Lymphatic System
Live 60 min. Q&A with John
Module Two: Understanding and Manually Opening The Lymph – Brain Connection
Live 60 min. Q&A with John
Module Three: Understanding and Manually Opening The Lymph – Gut and Skin Connection
Live 60 min. Q&A with John
Module Four: Putting The Science All Together For A Powerful But Gentle Lymphatic System Detoxification
Live 60 min. Q&A with John
Module Five: Manually Creating a Tsunami to Detox Deeper Into Body and Brain
Live 60 min. Q&A with John
Module Six: Maintaining the Lymphatic System Every Day
Live 60 min. Q&A with John

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