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Lymphatic System Health CoachYour Lymphatic System Health Coach John Ossipinsky

John Ossipinsky started his career 24 years ago as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Diplomate Certified in CranioSacral Therapy.  Besides working on his clients to improve how they felt physically and mentally, John realized that he needed to teach his clients about balancing their diet, basic supplements, exercise and self-lymphatic drainage so they could maintain at home to keep their lymph flow optimized. You can learn what John taught his clients for Gentle Everyday Lymphatic System Detoxification.

Self-Lymphatic Drainage UnderarmJohn Coaches Clients Globally How to Improve Lymph Flow and Health

John and his course, Detox Your Lymphatic System: Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss and Life will show you, step by step, how to optimize your lymphatic system (a tiny network of vessels and nodes that helps to clean your skin, muscles, bones, organs, blood vessels, nerves and brain). When you know how to maintain your lymphatic system, you will have more control over inflammation to improve your health and life. You deserve it!

Green Lymph LadyLife Changing 7 Lessons – Over 30 Easy Activities

Detox Your Lymphatic System: Boost Your Brain Weight Loss and Life will guide you over 10 days to understand the basics of gently maintaining your lymphatic system to improve circulation and natural detoxification. Basic life science that everyone should understand to lower their risk of disease, help overcome an illness or to live a vibrant life with an intact mind.

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