Life Changing Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance for Everyone Virtual Course



Learn Every Day Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance, to overcome an illness, help prevent disease or to live a vibrant, happy life!



Learn in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Become empowered with emerging science of the lymphatic system, especially how to detox and maintain this system of vessels and nodes. Learn to maintain what is often called the body’s sewage treatment system, in the privacy of your home or office.


The Ossipinsky Method Of Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

Author and developer of LymphPractic, John Ossipinsky has over 24 years of experience educating his clients on lymphatic system detoxification and maintenance to dramatically change their health and life.

Have More Control Over Your Health

You can have more control over your health and life by understanding how to use the lymphatic system to improve circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste and fats. Two-studies in 2005 linked Fat and Obesity to Damaged Lymph Vessels.

Learn The Ossipinsky Method of

Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance

Lymphatic System Detoxification 1: Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss and Life Virtual Course  $125

Lymphatic System in Head

Almost Here! Jan 2018 

Learn Lymphatic System Detoxification l: Boost Your Brain, Weight Loss and Life Virtual Course

“Learn Every Day Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance”  – Virtual Course  6 Lessons with author John Ossipinsky to help improve your overall health. Each lesson has 5 activities or more, that’s over 30 activities. By the end of the virtual course you will have a new understanding of how to help improve your lymphatic system with diet, supplements, exercise and an 8-minute Self-Lymphatic Drainage to help improve lymph flow, circulation and detoxification. By the end of the course, you will be able to feel, that your circulation and health has dramatically improved.

This course was going to be part of my upcoming 4 Week webinar for $497. I made a commitment when I planned on doing a webinar to have a class for everyone, that is affordable. Here it is. I hope you follow through and take the next step to using real science to help you have a healthy and happy life.

This first virtual course with John Ossipinsky, is the first in a series of 3, that you will have to take, to test to become certified as a Lymphatic System Health Coach. You can take this class to learn personal lymphatic system detoxification and maintenance. You may want to go on to course ll and learn more about the lymphatic system and lymphatic system detoxification strategies. You will learn  real science to help you feel confident to help others learn to use their lymphatic system to improve their health.

This virtual course will have open enrollment so you can begin this course immediately after purchasing it.  John Ossipinsky believes that health comes, not from having a perfect diet and lifestyle, but from learning to use the lymphatic system to help naturally detox cellular waste from your body and brain. When you begin maintaining your lymphatic system you have more control over your health. Improving lymph flow on a regular basis helps to reduce inflammation and disease.

  • Introduction to Virtual Course – 3 Activities 
  • Lesson One:  Balancing pH – Balancing pH Improves Lymphatic System and Health 5-Activities 
  • Lesson Two: Learn the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) for the Neck, Face and Head 5-Activities 
  • Lesson Three: Life Changing Science of the Lymphatic System and Health 5-Activities 
  • Lesson Four: The Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) for the Body 5-Activities 
  • Lesson Five: The Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) for the Body and Head Combined 5-Activities 
  • Lesson Six: How to Incorporate “Every Day Lymphatic System Detoxification and Maintenance” into Your Life 5-Activities 

6 Lessons – Over 30 Activities Will help you learn to GENTLY detox and maintain your health with Every Day Lymphatic System Detoxification. You will be able to use the information you learn from this course for the rest of your life, to help maintain your lymphatic system and health. Get ready to take charge of your health! Contact us if you have any questions.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“When I learned how to improve my lymphatic system with diet, exercise and the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage I was better able to control circulation and natural detoxification in my body. My health problems cleared up.”

Nancy - AZ

“Until I met John Ossipinsky I never realized I had to detox or maintain my lymphatic system. Now that I maintain my lymphatic system I have been able to manage stress better, have less pain and tightness, more energy and improved quality of sleep.”

Terry - TX

“What a great way to learn how to care for your body and brain. Once you understand John Ossipinsky’s science of the lymphatic system and it’s roles in health, you become empowered for health. John has developed a simple concept, maintain your lymphatic system on a daily basis to lower your risk of disease. ”

Charles - AZ

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