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Help Fibromyalgia with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Tablet with the diagnosis Fibromyalgia on the displayYou can help fibromyalgia with lymphatic system detoxification to help improve circulation and natural detoxification to reduce inflammation. Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to even light pressure. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia include fatigue to where it limits normal activities, sleep problems, and brain fog. Some people also report restless legs syndrome, bowel or bladder problems, numbness and tingling, and sensitivity to noise, lights or temperature. Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain.

The lymphatic system helps to clean cellular waste from the skin, nerves, muscles, bones, organs and brain. When it is compromised due to dehydration, on-going stress, medications and acidic foods, cellular waste and carbon dioxide (CO2) builds in the body creating pain and sensitivity. With fibromyalgia you want to start cleaning up slowly. Begin eating less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables. Taking a few supplements like magnesium, systemic enzymes, curcumin and omega 3’s can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Podcast 28 Help Asthma with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Lymphatic system and lungs of male body artworkAsthma can negatively affect a person at any age. It is important to know that you can help asthma with lymphatic system detoxification. Asthma has many contributing factors, from air pollution, genetics or acidic tissues. Symptoms associated with asthma include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Many people are shallow breathers, this limits lymph flow and circulation. The lungs help to change carbonic acid in the lungs into CO2 and water, every time you take deep breaths.

There are may ways to help improve asthma; eating a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, being well hydrated, daily exercise and manually improving lymphatic system detoxification. With chronic asthma, when someone is having breathing difficulties, seek medical help. When the asthma attack is over it is best to start to change the diet slowly limit by limiting processed foods and hydrating the body.

Improve Healing with Lymphatic System Detoxification

trauma, surgeryIf you have had surgery or a trauma and are not healing, you can improve healing with lymphatic system detoxification. Often with healing, fibrin and resulting inflammation can limit circulation and slow or halt the body’s ability to heal. By going through a gentle lymphatic system detoxification you can improve circulation and healing. When you help the lymphatic system you improve circulation and natural detoxification to help reduce inflammation and improve healing. Start eating less processed food, and begin eating more alkaline fruits and vegetables, include extra magnesium and systemic enzymes. Systemic enzymes help breakdown fibrin and cellular waste to improve circulation which improves healing.

Podcast 27 Helping Parkinson’s Disease with Lymphatic System Detoxification

The diagnosis Parkinsons Disease written on a clipboardHelping Parkinson’s disease with lymphatic system detoxification can help slow progression and improve quality of life in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Most neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease have a buildup of cellular waste as a contributing factor, in Parkinson’s disease the cellular waste is Lewy bodies. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s it is important to include lymphatic system detoxification into your treatment plan to help increase circulation to improve natural detoxification to help reduce the buildup of cellular waste. To improve lymphatic system detoxification, it is important to eat a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables and do daily exercise which has been shown to slow the progression of the disease.

Podcast 26 Help Escobar Syndrome by Improving and Maintaining the Lymphatic System

Escobar SyndromeIf you are an adult with Escobar Syndrome or have a child with the disease, you can help Escobar Syndrome by improving and maintaining the lymphatic system. Escobar Syndrome is a milder form of multiple pterygium syndrome. John Ossipinsky was fortunate to work with a man with Escobar Syndrome for two-months while he was receiving Naturopathic treatments for Lyme disease and was referred to his office. Hearing his story and understanding the lymphatic system John immediately understood how balancing the internal body and bodywork like, LymphPractic, Lymph Drainage Therapy or CranioSacral Therapy could help those with Escobar Syndrome have a looser body and better quality of life.

How to Balance pH When Feeling Overly Acidic

Girl with acid reflux.Many people suffer from being overly acidic, with acid indigestion, acid reflux and GERD and would benefit from knowing how to balance pH when feeling overly acidic. An acidic pH is more than a digestive problem, acid is damaging your cells, which make up everything in your body. Becoming overly acidic can happen from daily life, being on vacation or just enjoying yourself too much over a few weekend parties. When you feel overly acidic you need to take steps to balance your pH;  take an alkalizing supplement, like magnesium and systemic enzymes to breakdown cellular waste that may be contributing to your acidity. Epsom salt baths and baking soda baths also help to balance pH in the body.

Podcast 25 Lose Stubborn Weight with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Overweight Woman in Biikini Med PicWeight loss is a big topic, millions have a difficult time losing stubborn weight. If you are having difficulty losing weight learn how to lose stubborn weight with lymphatic system detoxification. In 2005 two-studies found that fat and obesity were linked to damaged lymph vessels. Researchers damaged the Prox 1 gene of mice and saw that lymph vessels were formed damaged, they had holes, which wouldn’t allow for proper lymph drainage and the leg of the mice became fat. If you want to lose stubborn weight and keep it off, try a lymphatic system detoxification. The goal is to improve lymph flow and circulation through the tissues of the body. You can help improve lymph flow by eating a more alkaline diet, intermittent fasting with only raw alkaline fruits or vegetables, exercise and lymphatic drainage sessions.

Podcast 24 Help Cholecystitis, Gall Bladder Pain with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Liver - Gall BladderIf you are having pain under your right rib cage, it could be gall bladder pain from inflammation. You can help Cholecystitis, gall bladder pain with Lymphatic System Detoxification to improve circulation to reduce inflammation. Many people suffer for years with pain under their right rib cage, before being sent to a surgeon to see if they need to have their gall bladder removed. When you have pain in an organ, often a contributing factor is limited circulation. The compromised circulation could have occurred from trauma, surgery, a virus, bacteria, being to sedentary, even dehydration. You can improve lymphatic system detoxification by eating a more alkaline diet, supplements like magnesium and systemic enzymes. The most important step in helping gall bladder pain is having a lymphatic drainage session to help improve circulation and natural detoxification to reduce inflammation.

Podcast 23 Help COPD with Lymphatic System Detoxification

COPDYou can help COPD with lymphatic system detoxification to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification of acidic cellular waste that is creating inflammation and inability to breathe. Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term poor airflow. The lungs play a large role in removing carbonic acid from the body. As the lungs become more acidic, lymph flow becomes impeded allowing cellular waste to further build in the lung tissue. This limits circulation and can stiffen the lungs from fibrosis and sclerosis, scarring of the lungs. COPD consists of Chronic Bronchitis which represents with shortness of breath, a chronic cough for 3 months and difficulty breathing every year for 2 years. Emphysema is only a description of lung changes rather than a disease itself. Learn to use a more alkaline diet, supplements like magnesium and systemic enzymes to help reduce scarring to improve breathing.

Podcast 22 ADHD Helped by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

xray of BrainADHD Helped by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection by balancing pH and improving lymph flow.  ADHD can be helped by optimizing your child’s waste disposal system; their lymphatic system. To help children with problems with their ability to think or function you first must understand how the lymphatic system helps maintain the brain.

The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that help to remove cellular waste and protein rich fluid from around your cells. This network is a tiny plumbing system that must reabsorb; excess water, proteins, fibrin, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, enzymes, urea, minerals, hormones, some dissolved gases (e.g. carbon dioxide), cells (lymphocytes, macrophages), toxins, bacteria, cellular waste, bits of cell debris and return it back to the blood.

Lymphatic System Found in Brain

If the lymphatic system becomes compromised or constricted, it can lead to a buildup of waste in the body or brain leading to limited circulation, resulting inflammation and disease. The importance of understanding the lymph-brain connection cannot be overstated. In June 2015 University of Virginia researchers found lymphatic vessels in the brain, a direct lymphatic system-brain connection.

In my book, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance I explain how when the lymphatic system is not working optimally you can fill with cellular waste. These proteins accumulate to create limited circulation in the body or brain, like logs in a river creating log jams. Learn how a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements, Epsom salt Baths and lymphatic drainage sessions can help improve circulation and natural detoxification to help ADHD and hyperactivity.

Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Gout

Man with Gout Med PicIf you are having pain from gout, lymphatic system detoxification helps gout. The pain from gout is from the buildup and crystallization of uric acid. By improving lymph flow you help to improve circulation and natural detoxification of acidic waste to help gout. When you have gout, you have inflammation and the area is toxic.  The goal is to reduce inflammation and toxicity to improve the cellular environment in the joint of the foot. Consuming more alkaline fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts helps to balance pH. Daily light exercise, deep breathing and good posture all help to improve circulation.

Podcast 21 Slow Progression of Cirrhosis of the Liver with Lymphatic Detoxification

Cirrhosis word cloud You can help slow progression of cirrhosis of the liver with lymphatic detoxification. Improving the body’s pH and improving lymph flow in the body can help slow the progression of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is caused by scarring of  the liver limiting circulation and lymph flow. Eating a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, alkalizing supplements like magnesium, daily light exercise, being well hydrated and lymphatic drainage sessions can help reduce inflammation in the body to slow progression of inflammation and scarring which is damaging the liver.

Balance Marijuana Use to Help Prevent Hypertension

Medical Marijuana Buds on Black BackgroundIf you use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes you need to balance marijuana use to help prevent hypertension; high blood pressure. When you smoke you are inhaling CO2 (carbon dioxide) which can interact with the water in your lungs to produce carbonic acid. To smoke marijuana responsibly you need to balance the acid which is produced from smoking. You balance acid in the body by eating more fruits and vegetables, supplementing with magnesium, Epsom salt baths and being well hydrated, can help reduce acid in your body, to help reduce hypertension. It is really about using marijuana responsibly and balancing the acid it produces in the body.

Podcast 20 How to Help Keep Your Child Healthy After Antibiotics

Keep Your Child Healthy After AntibioticsIt is important to know how to help keep your child healthy after antibiotics by improving lymph flow. Antibiotics create excess cellular waste that can build in the body, creating toxicity and inflammation. This inflammation can negatively effect the brain, skin or organs creating dysfunction and disease in your child. When you improve the lymphatic system through a more alkaline diet, alkalizing supplements like magnesium, probiotics, systemic enzymes and manual lymphatic drainage you improve circulation and the natural detoxification of cellular waste from antibiotics.

Podcast 19 Help Concussions with Lymphatic System Detoxification

ConcussionMany youth receive a concussion and feel it is not a big deal, that it will heal. That is not always the case.  You can help heal concussions with lymphatic system detoxification to help improve circulation in the brain. A concussion is a trauma to the brain, that can create inflammation. As fibrin, platelets and cellular waste builds in the area of trauma, circulation is impeded. I have seen older males in their 40’s and 50’s who had a concussion when they were a teen and now are suffering with problems thinking. Opening up the lymph-brain connection by improving lymph flow out of the cranium is an important step to healing a concussion.

Help Chronic Pain by Improving Lymphatic System

lymphatic system drawing bodyYou can help chronic pain by improving lymphatic system. By going through a lymphatic system detoxification you improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification. Pain can occur when lymph flow and circulation becomes impede from the inflammation process of healing. Limited circulation allows cellular waste to build in the body or brain, creating toxicity and pain. You can help your chronic pain by balancing your pH and improving your lymph flow. A more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, supplementing with magnesium, Epsom salt baths and lymphatic drainage can help reduce your pain by improving natural detoxification


Podcast 18 Helping Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Tablet with the diagnosis multiple sclerosis on the displayHelping Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Lymphatic System Detoxification is important to help reduce  cellular waste, toxicity and inflammation. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that damages the myelin sheath around the axon of the nerve fiber. Myelin surrounds and protects the nerves like insulation. The exact cause of MS is unknown, though a current medical model suggests that antibodies attack the myelin leaving bare spots or scarring that limits nerve impulses. Going through a series of lymphatic drainage sessions can help to reduce inflammation and improve your symptoms. Helping to balance your pH is also an important step to help improve circulation and natural detoxification.

Bipolar Disorder Helped with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Brain MRIManic depression also known as bipolar disorder helped with lymphatic system detoxification. Many people suffer with the manic swings of bipolar disorder. You can help control bipolar disorder by balancing the pH of the body and improve lymph flow in the body and brain. When you improve pH and lymph flow you help improve circulation and natural detoxification of acidic cellular waste that can affect how you feel and think. Balancing the pH with a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, deep breathing, good posture, more hydration and lymphatic drainage sessions can make a big difference in how you control your bipolar disorder.

Podcast 17 How to Help Keep Your Infant Healthy Through Vaccinations

Pediatrics doctor giving baby child vaccine injectionEvery parent should know how to help keep your infant healthy through vaccinations. When you bring your infant in for his or her vaccinations, do you think of maintaining them before and after the vaccination?  With each vaccination inflammation occurs. When you do this each month for 2 years cellular waste from the recurring inflammation can buildup in the tissues of the body including the brain, digestive system and skin. Learning to maintain your infant’s lymphatic system during vaccinations can help reduce toxicity and reduce the risk of many health problems like autism, associated with vaccinations. In between vaccinations put your infant in a couple of Epsom salt and baking soda baths (2 cups of each in a bathtub) to help reduce acid waste and toxicity in the body.

Podcast 16 How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Avoid Swelling and Preeclampsia

Pregnant Woman in FieldYou can have a healthy pregnancy and avoid swelling and preeclampsia by improving your lymphatic system to gently, help naturally detox cellular waste from the body. During pregnancy your body is dealing with more cellular waste that can make you more toxic and affect how you and the baby feel and thrive. You don’t want to go through a lymphatic system detoxification, this would be too intense, and would make you  more toxic at first. Maintaining your lymphatic with a more alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables, drinking alkaline water and daily light exercise can help reduce toxicity that may harm the Mom or baby. Lymphatic drainage sessions can help reduce toxicity.