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John Ossipinsky has been working with the lymphatic system for over 24 years, helping client’s with their pain and debility. He is an author and the developer of LymphPractic, a gentle whole body lymphatic system tuneup that benefits most health problems. John is on a mission to help everyone understand the importance of maintaining their lymphatic system. Understanding the body’s sewage treatment system can help you overcome an illness, lower your risk of disease or to have a vibrant, happy life. The lymphatic system helps maintain every system in the body, by improving this one system, you help all system’s of the body, even the brain.

Lose Weight With Lymphatic System Detoxification

Many people find it hard to lose weight. You can help lose weight with lymphatic system detoxification. Two studies in 2005 linked fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels. Researchers damaged the gene that makes lymph vessels in the leg of mice. The lymph vessels were formed leaky and ruptured and were unable to reabsorb fluid, fats and other debris. The legs of the mice became heavy and fat. Most of us are not born with damaged lymph vessels, over time they become overly acidic and full of cellular waste which limits their ability to clean us. To lose weight and keep it off you must learn to detox and maintain your lymphatic system to improve lymph flow, circulation and natural detoxification.


Podcast 95 Help Baby Colic by Improving Lymph Flow

crying colic baby When a baby is clenching their fists, crying often while passing gas they may have baby colic. You can help baby colic by improving lymph flow to reduce inflammation. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that helps to reabsorb cellular waste. When the lymphatic system is not working optimally, cellular waste can build in the digestive system, creating inflammation, gas and pain that can make a baby uncomfortable. If Mom is breastfeeding it is important to check saliva and urine pH to make sure Mom is not overly acidic which can make the baby acidic and limit lymph flow in the body and brain. Receiving a few gentle lymphatic drainage sessions or learning to drain your baby’s lymphatic system can help alleviate the pain and irritability that comes with having baby with colic. John explains how to manually open the Cisterna Chyli, three lymphatic vessels in the abdomen that maintain the digestive system, to help colic.

Balance pH of Acidic Brain Cells to Help Autism

If you are trying to help a child with autism, it’s important to balance pH and improve the lymphatic system. You must balance pH of acidic brain cells to help autism. In recent research an acidic brain cell, called the Astrocyte was found to be a missed root cause of Alzheimer’s. Researchers found when the brain cell became acidic it could no longer clean itself. This creates inflammation and begins the disease process. By balancing pH and improving the lymphatic system you can help children with autism. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain. That is a direct lymph-brain connection that can be used to help the brain and autism.


Podcast 94 Lymphatic System Detoxification Helps Difficulty Breathing

Human Lungs in ThoraxWhen you are having diffculty breathing, your first thought isn’t lymphatic system detoxification. For many people lymphatic system detoxification helps difficulty breathing. There can be many reasons for a tight chest and diffculty breathing, from an injury to your ribs, medications or acidic foods and beverages that can constrict your lungs and chest. Recent research found that an acidic brain cell may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. They found when the brain cell called an astrocyte is acidic it can no longer clean itself. This same thing is happening in your lungs which are made up of cells. When the lungs become overly acidic the cells of the lungs can no longer clean and your lungs become acidic, inflamed and toxic. By learning to detox and maintain the lymphatic system you can gain more control over your breathing. John explains how to do the LymphMan Shoulder Shuffle to relax your shoulders and help you take a deep breath.


Help PTSD With Lymphatic System Detoxification

PTSD with lymphatic system detoxificxation. Even though many veterans are being diagnosed with PTSD many in the general population have experienced a devastating event and have PTSD. Ongoing stress and extremely stressful events can create an acidic pH in the body which can limit lymph flow. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain and in 2017 lymphatic vessels were found to be the major outflow of cerebrospianl fluid from the brain. Meaning the lymphatic system plays a large role in maintaining the brain. If you want to help how you think and feel you must include maintaining the lymphatic system.


Podcast 93 Help Alzheimer’s Disease by Balancing pH

Senior Couple One May Have Alzheimer'sThe first of the Baby Boomers are hitting 74 and may have some concerns about or exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. You can help Alzheimer’s disease by balancing pH. When you first receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the early stages, you should consider putting steps into action that will help balance the pH of your body and brain cells. A few months ago researchers found that when an acidic brain cell called an Astrocyte is overly acidic, the cell can longer clean itself. At the first signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia you need to look at your diet and lifestyle, and make changes that will help balance pH to improve lymph flow in the brain. Eating a more alkaline diet, basic supplements and lymph drainage can help improve circulation and detoxification in the brain.


Podcast 92 Help Autism in Children by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

Brain CellsSome parents of children with autism say they watched as their child’s ability to think declined. You can help autism in children by improving the lymph-brain connection to help balance the pH in the brain cells. Research has found that in Alzheimer’s, when the brain cells called astrocytes have an acidic pH, they are unable to clean themselves.  I believe a similar phenomenom, where the child’s brain cells have become overly acidic, limiting their ability to clean themselves. This is how any part of the body or brain can become full of inflammation and toxicity. When you learn how to detox and maintain the lymphatic system you gain more control over how you or a child thinks and feels.


Podcast 91 Healthy Diet Helps Lipedema

Lipedema is a lymphatic disorder of painful subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), likely affecting millions of women worldwide. Eating a healthy diet can help lipedema, especially with controlling edema. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting out the wheat products, even whole wheat, and meat protein can make a big difference in how you control your edema. You will see the biggest difference in the early stages of lipedema with diet, supplements and lymphatic drainage or self-lymphatic drainage. If you have the later stages of lipedema the goal is to use diet, supplements and lymphatic drainage or self-lymphatic drainage to keep the edema from becoming lipo-lymphedema. It is not about being perfect in diet and lifestyle but learning to clean up on a regular schedule to reduce inflammation.

Podcast 90 Help Heart Disease with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Human Heart CirculationHeart disease is a general term that means that the heart is not working normally. You can help heart disease with lymphatic system detoxification. Babies can be born with what is called congenital heart disease. If people get heart disease later in life, it is called acquired heart disease. Most heart disease is acquired. The heart is a muscle that pumps non-stop. When the heart becomes acidic it can fill with its own cellular waste limiting the ability of the heart to pump blood out efficiently to the body and brain. The lympahtic system plays a large role in mainating the heart and keeping it from filling with cellular waste and fluid. Heart failure has been linked to proteins building in the heart muscle. To help your heart your need to understand how to use diet, supplements and lymphatic drainage to improve circulationa nd detoxificationin the heart.



Podcast 89 Help Chronic Pain After Surgery with Lymphatic System Detox

senior man hand holding he neck and massaging in chronic pain area.Often after surgery many individuals have chronic pain for years. Having chronic pain after surgery is a very large problem. You can help chronic pain after surgery with lymphatic system detox. In surgery blood and lymph vessels are cut and can take up to 14 days to heal. This can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to pick up cellular waste which can lead to inflammation and more pain. You can help chronic pain by improving lymph flow through the area of pain. This improves circulation and the detoxification of cellular waste and inflammation that may be limiting healing. There are many ways to improve lymph flow from an alkaline diet, supplements, exercise, seeing a lymphatic therapist and self-lymphatic drainage.


Podcast 88 Help IBS and Digestive Issues in Autism by Balancing pH

Autistic Child Painful Belly IBSParents can help lBS and digestive issues in autism by balancing pH. IBS and many of the digestive issues associated with autism have a missed contributing factor of an acidic pH and acidic abdominal tissues. When the lymphatic vessels in the upper abdomen, become compromised they can no longer clear acidic cellular waste from the abdominal tissues, the abdominal tissues become acidic, tight and inflamed. To help your child’s digestive issues you need to balance their pH with a couple of supplements like magnesium and potassium. When you balance pH and manually activate the lymphatic system you improve lymph flow, circulation and detoxification of acidic cellular waste from the tissues of the body. This reduces inflammation and heals the digestive tissues.


High Fat Diet Found to Limit Ability to Feel Full

According to new research a high fat diet found to limit ability to feel full. I have experienced this myself. When I was eating a high fat diet, I ate large meals. Once I started eating more fruits and vegetables, I became fuller faster and I ate much less. There is an easy way for you to feel the difference between eating a high fat diet or more fruits and vegetables. Try eating just fruits and vegetables for 3 days. No bread, spaghetti, tortillas, white or brown rice and meat. You will see you will eat less and feel lighter on the first day of eating fruits and vegetables.


Podcast 87 Help Multiple Sclerosis Improving Lymph Flow

Multiple Sclerosis TabletMutiple sclerosis is a disease that damages the myelin sheath that protects the nerve cells in the brain. You can help multiple sclerosis improving lymph flow. New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests that lymphatic vessels that clean the brain of harmful material play a crucial role in the development and progression of multiple sclerosis. In 2015 lymphatic vessels were found in the brain. In 2017 the major outflow of cerebrospinal fluid was found to be through lymphatic vessels. That means the lymphatic system plays a major role in maintaining the brain. By improving lymph flow you can help the detoxification of cellular waste that may be contributing to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.


Podcast 86 Help Prostatitis by Balancing pH and Improving Lymph Flow

Two Prostate Images Med PicWhen you have prostate inflammation, also called prostatitis, the tissues around the prostate become compromised from the buildup of cellular waste. This buildup of cellular waste leads to limited circulation and inflamed tissues. around the prostate gland. As the lymphatic vessels can no longer reabsorb fluid from the prostate it swells limiting urine flow. The goal with any prostate problem is to balance pH and improve lymph flow to improve circulation and detoxification of cellular waste around and in the prostate gland. A lymphatic system detoxification can dramatically improve circulation in the prostate.

Maintain Lymphatic System to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

There are dozens of diet programs to help people lose weight but we are still struggling to lose weight. You need to maintain lymphatic system to lose weight and keep it off. Two studies in 2005 link fat and obesity to damaged lymph vessels. By improving lymph flow you can help circulation and the detoxification of cellular waste and fats that are making you overweight. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes, when it can’t clean cellular waste, fats, hormones and other debris it builds in our cells as fat. Have more control over your weight by learning to maintain your lymphatic system. Helps more than weight loss, most health problems benefit from improving the lymphatic system.


Podcast 85 Help Reduce The Aggregation of Proteins with Lymphatic Detox

Alzheimer's disease. Aggregation of proteins, Amyloid BuildupYour health is being devastated by the aggregation of proteins, called amyloids that can limit circulation. You can help reduce the aggregation of proteins with lymphatic detox. Researchers are linking the aggregation of proteins, called amyloids, to many health problems from ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s to Huntington’s disease. Even heart failure has been linked to the aggregation of proteins. The lymphatic system maintains your cellular environment, when the lymphatic system cannot function to reabsorb proteins (parts of cells) they can build in any part of the body or brain, limiting circulation and function. If proteins build in the body or brain they mis-fold and aggregate, creating limited circulation which leads to inflammation. When you help improve your lymphatic system, you help reduce the aggregation of proteins to improve circulation. You can help improve the lymphatic system and detoxification of damaging proteins by eating a more alkaline diet, taking enzymes, a little exercise and self-lymphatic drainage.


Podcast 84 Help Acid Reflux and GERD with Lymphatic System Detox

Acid Reflux - GERD DiagramMost of us have grown up watching commercials on acid indigestion and are familiar with acid reflux or more severe GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease. You can help acid reflux and GERD with lymphatic system detoxification. If I were to say, “How do you spell relief?” Many of you would recite R-O-L-A-I-D-S! Globally we spend billions of dollars on antacids and proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec. We see acid as a digestive issue instead of acid damaging the cells of the body and brain. If acid reflux is not treated it worsens and can become  gastro-esophageal reflux disease. This means the tissues are becoming more inflamed and damaged. To help acid reflux and GERD, it is important to balance pH with a more alkaline diet, basic supplements and manually improving the lymphatic system to improve circulation and detoxification of acidic waste.


Help Drug Addiction by Improving the Lymph-Brain Connection

You can help drug addiction by improving the lymph-brain connection to improve lymph flow, circulation and detoxification in the brain. In addiction the body and brain can become acidic and toxic which can limit the lymphatic system’s ability to clean cellular waste. Improving lymph flow can help calm the mind and ease stress that may make a person want to use again. John Ossipinsky uses LymphPractic to help improve a lymph-brain connection to help how individuals feel mentally and physically. When you have used drugs like opioids or meth your body and brain can become overly acidic and affect how you feel and think. By receiving a few LymphPractic sessions or learning how to use self-lymphatic drainage you can help improve the lymphatic system. This helps circulation and detoxification which can help to relax the body and mind to help keep you from using again.


Podcast 83 Help Asthma by Balancing pH

An image of an asthma-inflamed bronchial tube on a white backgroundYou can help asthma by balancing pH to improve lymph flow, circulation and detoxification of acidic cellular waste. Asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus, which makes it hard to breathe. You may hear wheezing in the lungs. When you see swelling in the bronchi or in a part of the body, often it has to do with a congested lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that help to reabsorb cellular waste, fluid, fibrin, fats and other debris from the body. By balancing the pH of the body you can help improve lymph flow to reduce inflammation and swelling in the lungs. There are many ways to help balance pH to improve lymph flow. A more alkaline diet is a key factor, also  basic supplements and light exercise can help balance pH. Receiving a LymphPractic session or learning self-lymphatic drainage to help directly improve the lymphatic system can dramatically help those with asthma.


Podcast 82 Lose Weight And Keep It Off By Reducing Inflammation

fat woman measuring her stomach to lose weightThere are millions of people around the world who would like help losing weight, learn the the next big weight loss secret. You can lose weight and keep it off by reducing inflammation in the body. Researchers have found that stubborn weight gain has to do with inflammation in the tissues. Inflammation is the result of a buildup of acidic cellular waste in an area of the body or brain. This buildup of acidic cellular waste can limit circulation in the tissues creating toxicity and inflammation. The lymphatic system maintains the tissues of the body by reabsorbing cellular waste, fluid and fats. When the body’s pH is overly acidic the lymphatic system becomes compromised and the body starts filling with cellular waste, fluid and fats. By improving lymph flow and balancing pH you can help lose weight with improved lymph flow, circulation and detoxification to reduce inflammation.


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