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Help your clients and patients tuneup their lymphatic system by learning LymphPractic. A life changing lymphatic therapy developed by John Ossipinsky. LymphPractic focuses on activating the lymphatic system for a gentle, natural, whole body detoxification.


Learn A Powerful Lymphatic Drainage Routine That Gets to The Root Cause Of Most Health Problems: Toxicity and Inflammation

Become empowered with emerging science of the lymphatic system in a physical class taught by John Ossipinsky.

LymphPractic: Improving Health, Vitality and Healing!

John Ossipinsky has over 23 years of experience helping  clients through manual lymphatic system detoxification and maintenenace.


Dr. Oz Says the "Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human disease."

Are You Prepared to Help Your Clients Health Problems by Improving Their Lymphatic System?

Learn LymphPractic with John Ossipinksy 

LymphPractic Level I

Upcoming Class April 2017

Lymphatic System in Head

LymphPractic® was developed by John Ossipinsky who has spent over two decades studying and working with the lymphatic system to help clients with chronic pain, stress, swelling, immune problems, ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s and traumatic brain injuries. LymphPractic uses gentle soft tissue therapy to improve cellular health by improving whole body lymph flow to improve the “Natural Detoxification” of acid cellular waste from the body and brain.

LymphPractic is the first therapy to increase whole body lymph flow and blood circulation to specifically help improve the “Natural Detoxification” of acid waste from the tissues, skin, muscles, bones, organs, nerves, spinal cord and brain. LymphPractic gently opens the micro-circulation to improve the environment around and in your cells. We live and die at the cellular level, when your cells are healthy, you are healthy.

The most important step in regaining your health is removing acidic cellular waste, excess proteins (parts of damaged cells), fibrin, lipids (cholesterol), hormones, other debris and toxins on a regular basis. LymphPractic is a simple, efficient way to help rid the body of damaging acid wastes and toxins.

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What Our Attendees Are Saying

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“When I learned how to improve my lymphatic system with diet, exercise and the Ossipinsky Method of Self-Lymphatic Drainage I was better able to control circulation and natural detoxification in my body. My health problems cleared up.”

Nancy - AZ

“Until I met John Ossipinsky I never realized I had to detox or maintain my lymphatic system. Now that I maintain my lymphatic system I have been able to manage stress better, have less pain and tightness, more energy and improved quality of sleep.”

Terry - TX

“What a great way to learn how to care for your body and brain. Once you understand John Ossipinsky’s science of the lymphatic system and it’s roles in health, you become empowered for health. John has developed a simple concept, maintain your lymphatic system on a daily basis to lower your risk of disease. ”

Charles - AZ

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