Hear From Others Who Have Benefited From Understanding How To Detox And Maintain Their Lymphatic System

I just want to thank you again for the help you’ve given my body. My lower back and legs are much better. I would recommend you and LymphPractic to anyone!



This is an unsolicited testimonial in regards to your effective protocol for lymphatic function. Your lymphatic approach is truly 21st Century. When you stimulate the lymphatic system which doesn’t have a pump like the heart does, you move stagnant toxins to be removed by the body. Your approach is most ingenious!



Troy, NY

John Ossipinsky’s work with the lymphatic system consistently leaves me feeling calmer, more energized, and healthier.  He approaches his work with immense compassion and impeccable devotion.  I count on John and he has never let me down. As one of his clients I become a direct beneficiary of John’s love for what he does.  I trust John and I encourage anyone seeking healing or a greater sense of balance in their life to do the same.



“John is gifted man. So few practitioners understand the importance of the lymph system, let alone have the ability to stimulate it. I purchased these sessions for my best friend who had her “food allergies” (and the corresponding break outs) completely clear up from 3 or 4 sessions, she’s been symptom free for 8 months.”



I have a serious skin problem where I have been breaking out in blisters all over my body for two years. The blisters would break, bleed and burn. When I attended one of John Ossipinsky’s lectures, I realized my lymphatic system was in bad shape. I am feeling better both physically and mentally since starting LymphPractic and being coached on how to re-balance my body with John Ossipinsky.