Eileen – San Diego CA

I want to thank you for the wonderful coaching session my husband and I had with you last Wednesday.  Your in-depth insight to how the lymphatic system works is inspiring.  We have come over from San Diego twice and met with you.  Each time we are enlightened and walk away feeling empowered.
Thank you for your passion, insight, and gentle guidance you so graciously imparted to us.  This was a great refresher for us to take home the techniques you shared with for incorporation into our lifestyle.  Many thanks.

Marie – AZ

When I made my appointment with John Ossipinsky, it was a call of desperation. My doctors had no explanation as to why I have some very serious conditions. I am not a diabetic and have no family history for blood clotting disorders. What I do know is my system is very acidic. When I started reading the book “An Undetected ACID-ALKALINE Imbalance” – the unexplained conditions started making sense. After just a few “LymphPractic” sessions and following John’s recommendations, I noticed my face and neck were not as swollen, and the tissues in my legs were beginning to soften up. I now feel confident I am on the right path to better health thanks to John.

Traci – Texas

I can not say enough about John Ossipinsky, author of this book! John has changed our lives and assisted in my husband’s recovery in healing his body! Learn about your lymphatic system and how to release toxins and acid from your tissues. Not just for cancer, but any and all diseases from young to old. Thank you John and look forward to seeing you soon!

Irene – Phx, AZ

Before learning about the lymphatic system and balancing pH I suffered with severe migraines and TMJ pain for six months. After receiving three sessions from John my migraines and TMJ pain are gone. I have my life back. The best part is with John’s book, An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance and his website I am able to maintain my health at a much higher degree, without the pain recurring just by activating my lymphatic system and balancing my diet. As you read the book or listen to John the science is easy to understand. I found myself saying over and over that this emerging science makes so much sense.

Nancy – Scottsdale, AZ

I have a serious skin problem where I have been breaking out in blisters all over my body for two years. The blisters would break, bleed and burn. When I attended one of John Ossipinsky’s free lectures, I realized my lymphatic system was in bad shape. I am feeling better both physically and mentally since starting LymphPractic and being coached on how to rebalance my body with John Ossipinsky.